Where art and nature coexist and traditional designs meet modern inspirations, where a handshake means something and the value of a word is carried, where a hometown feel collides with something new and exciting, that’s where you can find us.

While attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Greyson Oxidine started a landscaping maintenance company where he established a loyal clientele and continued to learn the tools of the trade. Since he first started in 2018, his passion for Charlotte and the idea that art and the outdoors should coexist have continued to flourish.

In January of 2020, his business continued to grow when Noah Bayard joined the team as a partner. With a degree in horticulture and technology as well as certifications in landscape design, landscape management, and plant production, Noah’s wealth of knowledge and eye for design makes him an invaluable asset to the Southern Cut team.

Growth continued in 2020 as Mike Griffin, Partner of Griffin Brothers Companies, brought together Southern Cut Design and Build and Allgreen Grounds Management to create a prodigious team that will take both companies to new heights as one.

From concept to completion, each step of the process is all about you. Our team will sit down with you to hear what it is you want and what you’re looking for, then we’ll go to the drawing board and make it happen.

Once the design is approved by you, a project manager will be assigned and they’ll walk with you through the project. From literal walk-throughs to daily updates and answering any questions you have, this person is there for any and all of your needs.