The Southern Cut team believes that art and nature should coexist, and we love to integrate each client’s interests, history and sentiments into our craftsmanship. This stunning project at Plaza Midwood allowed us to do just that.


Each drop of water trickling down the 25-year-old water fountain focal piece carries this client’s family history, cherished memories and priceless sentimental value. We were able to transfer this fountain from another one of the homeowner’s properties and make it the focal point of this hardscape design. The Southern Cut team realizes it’s not just the material elements that matter in these designs, but also the emotional connection, and the mental reprieve space should allow.


Yoga is one of the ways that this homeowner unwinds, relaxes and feels most at home. We wanted to bring that feeling of tranquility into her backyard with the water feature as well as an open greenery space. Not only was the open green space ideal for her dog, but it also created a serene oasis for her to practice her morning yoga routine and enjoy greenery in a city where it can be hard to find.


In a busy and ever-growing place like Charlotte, it can be difficult to not only find greenery but to also find privacy and create a space for you to just be you. However, by installing a 60 foot long, 5 foot wide retaining wall, our client can now enjoy a glass of wine on the patio, practice her yoga routine, soak up the summer sun or dine al fresco with friends in the privacy of her own backyard.


Our team was asked to create a sense of privacy, bring grass to the city, remove 100,000 pounds of excess debris and turn a 25-year-old fountain into a focal point. Our response: you got it. This Plaza Midwood project intertwined family history, the client’s interest and a value that is hard to find anywhere else. It’s truly a priceless project.

This project featured:

  • Techo-Bloc paver patio with Inlite Design sneaky lights
  • 60 ft long, 5ft tall retaining wall with builtin seating
  • Water feature
  • K9 turf installation
  • Full grading install


If you would like to have your backyard dreams turned into a reality, give the team at Southern Cut a call or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get started creating a place where art and nature coexist.